2 Moms. 5 kids. 1 van. 3 weeks. 3000 miles. Are we amazing or are we crazy? You decide.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Materials for the trip

In the course of planning our trip, we began to think about educational materials. Books (of course) were not a problem. I think we both had lots of pertinent books on our shelves already. Over several months, we acquired more (a LOT more). Then we decided to get more specific. In this fabulous age of technology, all of the attractions we are visiting have websites. Many of them have some wonderful fun and educational materials. It became my job to visit each website and sort the wheat from the chaff. Our itinerary is Jamestown, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington. The VA Historic triangle was pretty easy. Then on to Philly, where I had to visit each individual website. As I got to Boston, I knew I had been on the computer too long, as I began hoping that each website would NOT have anything educational, so that I wouldn't have to deal with it. However - I persevered, and finally made it all the way through each attraction in Washington.

Two reams of paper and two ink cartridges later, I think we are well prepared to educate our children about American History through the Revolutionary War.

Monday, August 27, 2007


About 18 months ago, my cousin pulled her oldest son out of school and decided to finish the year at home. When she told me, I laughed and said, "He'll never go back." Of course she assured me he'd be back in school the next fall. But when next fall came, she decided that both of her older children should be at home, and she and I were discussing history. We both use the SWB Story of the World, but that left the question of what to do for American history.

"We get in the car, I guess," I said.

And one thing led to another, and here we are, about a year later. We're about to get in the car to learn about the Europeans coming to America, the colonization and how those colonies became states and a country. I'll say up front, we've got a disagreement among the grownups about what this tour should be named. She says "Great American History Tour." I say "Great American Revolution Tour." We're not studying things after 1790 or so, right? And since I'm the one with the minimal skillset needed to set up the blog, I win, kind of like the cook decides what's for dinner.

One rule set for the trip: If the grownups (that would be my cousin and me) aren't having fun, we turn around. Kids can be bored and miserable on the road just as easily as they can at home, right?

Our trip takes us through 5 cities. We're meeting in a small town in North Carolina and travelling to Williamsburg, VA, Philadelphia, PA, Boston, MA, Hershey, PA, Washington DC, then back to North Carolina to split up and head home.

We're leaving our homes for North Carolina on Saturday.