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Friday, September 14, 2007

The Brockton Super 8

I want to preface this story with the disclaimer that at no time during our stay at the Brockton Super 8 did we feel unsafe. The hotel was next to a mall, and in a pretty good area of town. The rooms were all interior rooms, and the staff was all very helpful. In fact, it was the nicest Super 8 I’ve ever stayed at. Well, before we stuffed the car with our myriad of belongings to drive back down to Pennsylvania, we needed to clean it out. It was pretty well trashed. I took M out with me, and since I could find no handy WalMart bag to use as a trashcan, I used the laundry bin from the Dollar Store. It was a good thing I had the bin, as we filled it pretty full of trash. I had been rearranging and loading stuff as we went along, and then I came to the point where I needed to go for a final cleanout of the hotel rooms. I put everything valuable back into the car, and locked it. I spent some time in the rooms with AtlMom making sure all of our stuff was ready to go out to the car. P went out to put something else in the car, and I followed a minute later. As I approached the car, I realized that the trash bin was gone from beside the car. I asked P if she had moved it. “Moved what?”

Someone had stolen our laundry bin full of trash.

It took me quite a while to stop laughing.


Anonymous said...

Um, did they steal it not knowing what was in it?? Did they really need a laundry bin, maybe?

Redhead M

the short tall. great (aunt) said...

Despite the meltdowns, I assume no one's been dumped in the river, or left to find their own way home yet. I love reading about your adventures, sitting in my nice quiet studio, with the fresh morning air coming in the windows. Cheers to the mommies and the munchkins, and their perfect (or on the way to perfect) selves!