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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day 6 - Kudos

We will be writing a longer post for the events Thursday, but I did want to give Kudos to M. While we were packing up the car on Thursday morning - shoehorning everything in - he offered to wash the dishes for us (unprompted!) and did three sinkfuls of dishes.

Teenagers can be a good thing to have around sometimes!


Peter said...

Looks kinda unhappy -- not sure if it's because of the dishes or the picture (I have the same reaction to both as well) ;)

Good job M!

Anonymous said...

Please stop calling him a "teenager!"
He still has 2 months and his aunt would like to relish those 60+ days!!
I still have recent memories of being at the zoo and him having more interest in pointing our all the "B" letters on the sponsor board.
Also cousin "J" from jax has said "I miss "C" at least 30 times since the first day of departure! There was also jealousy over the recent mail!!!