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Sunday, September 9, 2007

From the Kids: P

P: Seeing the huts (that the soldiers stayed in) at Valley Forge was fun. I liked Williamsburg because it was just like a Rennaissance Faire but in a different time zone. You got to see all this cool history stuff and actually touch it. The wigmaker told A and JaxMom that they were hussies because they had their hair down. AtlMom and I were ladies because we had ours up. She also offered to shave our heads to fit the wigs on us.

I liked the milliner’s shop because she told us about the different clothes and petticoats that ladies wore. We got to sign the Constitution in Philadelphia and got our picture taken with Ben Franklin. I liked seeing the real Liberty Bell.


Anonymous said...

P--You actually let someone call your dear cousin and mother that they were hussies? I bet you even thought it was funny. Now don't think you can use this against her in the future or anything.
I like to see what clothes and petticoats women wore back then....makes me grateful that I don't have to endure such things these days. CAn you see me with the patience for all those layers?? And corsets and stuff?

I'm waiting for the pictures of the shaved heads with wigs, okay?

Your crazy Atlanta Cousin With the REd Hair

JaxDad said...

Can you imagine wearing all of those clothes in the Florida heat???

P, you are a treasure to me. I am so glad that you are enjoying this trip, and learning some of our history along the way. One day, you will look back on it as of the best times you ever had as a kid.

Love, Dad