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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Lights of Liberty: Great Idea, Mediocre Follow-Through

While investigating the wealth of educational opportunities available in Philly, I found the Lights of Liberty tour. Billed as "the first ambulatory sound and light show of its kind in the world," I was sure it would be the single thing that would pull together our Philadelphia experience, letting the knowledge the children had gained settle into their tiny little minds.

Not so much.

We got there, mingled in the lobby and gift shop (because we must visit every gift shop for every site we visit), and then were called for our tour. We were given headsets to listen to the "moving musical score" and various actors tell the tale of the 1770s. Except before we walked to the first scene, the headsets were nearly done with their part of it. We were all frustrated, as was every other member of the group. We did eventually catch up to the audio, and the middle and ending scenes were quite compelling.

I'm being supervised because I'm making it sound like it wasn't great. It was. The final scene had those rabble-rousers debating the Declaration of Independence, and finally coming to agreement. "We Hold These Truths. . ." Yes. I was moved. I laughed. I cried. I hugged my children. If you are in Philly, I recommend it overall.

Figuring into the recommendation was the very polite and apologetic way that they handled the chaos. They cheerfully refunded the arm and leg we were charged for the tour. I'm sure those will come in handy in Boston.

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Anonymous said...

Boston does often require the use of all limbs. It is cool to see the ways this is all sinking in. You guys are amazing!

Did I remind you how to drive in Boston?? Like you own the freakin' road and don't let anyone get in your way. It was the craziest drivers I have ever seen--I got the finger from a blue haired woman once I figured out the rules and didn't let her cut in front of me.

M in Houston