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Monday, September 24, 2007

Java Teas

Since AtlMom had gone out the night before to go read her email and surf the web, on our last morning in PA Dutch country it was my turn. Besides the Italian Place, there was one other place that provided Wireless Internet. (One of things AtlMom forgot to tell you about, is that the bridge on the main road through Denver was under construction. All of our directions had us going by the main road. So getting anywhere around Denver was quite a challenge)
I finally made it to Java Teas. When I walked in, the place looked like a modern Starbucks. Lots of flavored coffees, different varieties, very modern furniture, etc. But as I sat there munching my Moravian Bun (I made out better in the pastry department than AtlMom did - mine was delicious!) I noticed that the atmosphere was more like the corner coffee shop. The two girls behind the counter greeted 90% of the customers by name - and most of the time already knew what they were going to order. In the corner there was a group of older men, having their morning coffee and gossip. I had a delightful time just watching the people and enjoying the atmosphere. When I left, my energy was restored and I was ready to go pack the car. (And I did make up for being gone so long by bringing a Moravian Bun to everyone back at the cabin!)

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