2 Moms. 5 kids. 1 van. 3 weeks. 3000 miles. Are we amazing or are we crazy? You decide.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

From the Kids: C

C: In Jamestown I liked the ships. The biggest one had armor in it. I liked trying the armor on because it felt like I was in the war. In Williamsburg I liked seeing them make the guns. At the Magazine I liked learning how to shoot a red suit guy.
I saw where George Washington slept and also his assistants. (Valley Forge)


Anonymous said...

C--Did Washington's bed look comfortable?

I love the pictures of you all with the guns!

Atlanta first Cousin Once Removed (sorry, I couldn't help it)

JaxDad said...

Son, I really like seeing how much you are enjoying yourself on the trip. You look so happy in the pictures.

I hope you will always remember the fun you have been having with your family and cousins.

JaxDad said...

C, I forgot to ask if the armor you wore on the ship was as heavy as the armor and helmet you wore at Fort Bragg.