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Friday, September 14, 2007

Things I didn't see in Boston & surrounding area (and why I must return without kids)

  • Bunker Hill
  • Beacon Hill
  • Hahvahd Yahd
  • molasses stains
  • anyone rowing on Charles River (does that only happen in books/movies?)
  • Walden Pond & spot of Thoreau's cabin
  • Wayside (where the writers stayed, next door to Miss Alcott. I laughed at the line in the Winona Ryder remake of Little Women, when she said that her parents were AT's, since the book's theme & plot reflect more traditional Christianity. Could it be that I was--gasp--wrong?)
  • Salem, Mass: I'm always interested in Mass hysteria
  • the ZOOM sound stage. I was never even proficient in Ubbie Dubbie, although I am quite fluent in Pig Latin.
  • Fenway Park (but I did realize that it was named such because it was built--wait for it--in the fens! Sounds straight out of Tolkein, doesn't it.)
  • Parker House Hotel (to eat some rolls, of course.)
  • Commonwealth Books (which also caught my attention, as I drove past it 42 times)

Any takers for a weekend in Boston? Round trip from Atlanta for $158 through Orbitz.

Also? I've decided that the appropriate name for this is "Colonial/Revolutionary American Progam." More appropriate acronym, in any case.

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Mary Ann/J2K Mommy said...

Living vicariously through your blog and enjoying all the tales of your trip. Would love to join you in Boston sometime. Wonder what the roundtrip is from SoCal?
Smooches- mary ann